Just Launched for Cyclists: All-New Best Efforts Categories


Look up your longest rides, biggest climbs, power PRs and more...

77% of cyclists on Strava achieved a PR in 2023 – and 30% got one in the last month. Are you one of them? 

Subscribers can now find out in just one tap with Best Efforts. It uncovers your biggest and best performances and compiles them in one place – so you can view your highlights and the activity where you earned the glory. It also celebrates each time you add a new one to the list.  

With the addition of all-new cycling categories, Best Efforts tracks your longest rides, biggest climbs, rides with the most elevation gain, and best power outputs at intervals from 5 seconds to 1 hour. It also tracks your fastest cycling times at benchmark distances from 5 miles to 180K. Just tap into Best Efforts and select a category to see your PR and 2nd- and 3rd-best performances ever.

But your PRs are only part of the story. In addition to your lifetime bests, Best Efforts records your top five performances each year and graphs out your trend over time. With a quick glance, you can see how you’ve progressed and how this year stacks up to others. 

Best Efforts is available to subscribers, and every category except power is based on GPS data from outdoor activities. A power meter is required to record power-based Best Efforts, which can be earned on both outdoor and indoor cycling activities.

So look back on your best days out – then set your sights on the next one. To access Best Efforts on mobile, tap on You, stay in the Progress tab and scroll down to Best Efforts.

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