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Run into Spring: Essential Gear for Racing Season


, by Fabienne Lang

Photography by: Brooks

As days get longer and temperatures get warmer spring racing season is right around the corner and we’re outlining the gear you need, whether you’re training for your first 5K or your marathon PR.

Feel that electric buzz in the air? It's the unmistakable sign that spring is gearing up to burst into action, unleashing its brilliance upon us. And you know what that means – it's time to lace up and hit up the race scene.

But to truly savor every moment of your spring racing adventure, from conquering your first 5K to tackling your fifteenth marathon, you need the right gear. After all, the wrong shoes or apparel could dampen your fun or even lead to injury.

To help avoid that, we've tapped into the expertise of Brooks Running, to bring you the hottest tips on finding the perfect fit for your needs. So let's dive in and gear up for an unforgettable season.

Find your Perfect Fit: The Best Running Shoes to Match your Needs

There is one important form of equipment that every runner needs to run effectively, for protection for your feet, knees, back, legs, and joints: good running shoes.

The right running shoe can help lessen the impact of the ground with cushion, providing support and preventing injuries to keep you running

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So how do you know which running shoe is right for you? With the help of Brooks Running, we’ve picked out some different shoes for different runners.

If you're a road racer

If you're out to smash your PR on the roads, you're probably on the market for some of the latest tech. Carbon fiber plated shoes are all the buzz these days and for good reason. But responsive cushioning is equally as important when targeting speed. The Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 features a full-length carbon composite plate, as well as nitrogen-infused cushioning to encourage quick turnover and reduced impact, helping runners to stay fresher for longer.

Photography by: Brooks

If you’re a long-distance runner

If you’re a long-distance runner who regularly logs in countless miles, you’ll likely be looking for a pair of shoes that provide comfort, cushioning, and stability. Shoes like the Brooks Glycerin 21 carry added support and are tailored to keep you comfortable and stable mile after mile.

If you’re looking to feel fast

If feeling fast is the goal then you need a shoe that has responsive cushioning that allows a quick transition from heel to toe. Shoes like the Brooks Hyperion Max include a lightweight midsole cushion that absorbs impacts on your hardest workouts while returning energy to your stride.

Not sure which shoe is right for you?

Try the Brooks shoe finder to find your perfect pair. Time to say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to the ultimate running experience.

Elevate Your Training: Apparel for Every Runner

On top of good running shoes, you’ll want to have the right running clothes when it comes to hitting the pavement. We shudder just thinking about chafing caused by loose-fitting or non-breathable gear or getting caught in a sudden rainstorm in a jacket that’s not water-resistant. The difference between well-fitted running gear and ill-suited alternatives is like night and day – just ask anyone who wears a sports bra about the importance of finding one that is reliable and fits well.

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So what essential running gear can you add to your wardrobe so you’re ready for anything and can focus on enjoying your runs? We have a few suggestions for any type of runner from Brooks Running’s spring apparel offerings.

If you’re an all-weather runner

If you’re preparing yourself to keep running through those fickle April showers, you’ll want to stay protected with a layer that is breathable and weatherproof, like Brooks Running’s Canopy Jacket. It is a lightweight, packable layer that provides reliable protection from wind and rain while staying breathable. As a great bonus, it’s made from 99% recycled materials.

If you like to run in style and comfort

If comfort and style are the name of your running game, then you’ll want to check out Brooks' Women’s Spark collection of short tights, capris, or full-length tights. Think of useful pockets in tights, adjustable internal drawcards, and a seamless fit. The Men’s Sherpa shorts are another fan favorite for comfort and performance. These feature a liner for the ultimate running comfort, a super soft brief liner for distraction-free miles, plus plenty of pockets so you can bring all the essentials.

Photography by: Brooks

If you’re a morning lark or a night owl runner

If you’re an early riser or a midnight runner, you’re likely looking for some bright and high-vis gear to help keep you visible for those runs in the dark. Brooks’ Run Visible Collection features hoodies, tights, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, headbands – you name it – with fluorescence, contrast colors, and 3M Carbon Black reflectivity placed in critical motion zones, helping runners stay seen so they can run with confidence at any time of the day.

Runners who wear sports bras

Circling back to those sports bras, If you’re on the lookout for maximum comfort and support during your runs, then you’ll want to take a look at Brooks Running’s diverse collection of sports bras. From easy-to-wear zip-front bras designed specifically for running like the Zip 2.0 Sports Bra to the versatile yet supportive Scoopback 2.0 Sports Bra that features smooth, built-in cups that are engineered to help reduce motion for a comfortable run and an open scoopback design with adjustable straps and back closure that help you fine-tune the fit, any runner will find their perfect fit.

Embrace the Magic: Your Running Journey Begins Here

Regardless of whether you're logging a solitary mile or conquering the demanding terrain of a marathon, the sensation that washes over you after a run is nothing short of liberating. It's a moment that frees you from doubts, grounding you firmly in the present, and imbued with a profound sense of empowerment and resilience.

As you embark on your training journey, remember that each step you take is a testament to your strength, determination, and unwavering commitment to self-improvement. Embrace the magic within your running shoes, and let every stride propel you towards your goals with unstoppable momentum.

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