Strava Segments With The Most Efforts: How Many Have You Completed?


, by Howard Calvert

Central Park is one of the most popular run spots on Strava. Photography by: Bob Tazar

There’s no joy like moving up the rankings of your favorite local Strava segment. Some runners or cyclists take this pursuit so seriously they base activities solely around targeting specific segments to hopefully move up the rankings, or even take the coveted KOM/QOM trophy. For others, it’s a joy to see you’ve achieved a PR in a segment now and again, adding to the good feeling of a faster-than-average run.

But with so many segments out there, you may be wondering which are some of the world’s most completed.

Our Strava tech experts have analyzed the stats, crunched the numbers, and come up with a list of some of the segments most completed by athletes in different distance categories.

Segment: Richmond ITT1

  • Sport: Ride

  • Location: London, UK

  • Number of attempts: 155,063

Richmond Park, just outside London, is a mecca for cyclists despite being home to 630 roaming deer, so it’s no surprise to discover that the most popular cycling segment in the UK is located there.

At 0.3 miles / 0.6km, it’s short with an uphill kick at the end and, as it’s located right next to Roehampton Gate, it marks many riders’ entry to the park. It’s currently been completed by an astounding 155,000 cyclists.

Richmond Park attracts cyclists from across London. Photography by: Hamish

Segment: Overtake The Boris Bikes

  • Sport: Run

  • Location: London, UK

  • Number of attempts: 126,167

This segment in Hyde Park takes its name from the number of people cycling along the path on cumbersome ‘Boris’ bikes, named after former prime minister Boris Johnson who introduced a bike hire scheme while he was Mayor of London.

A 0.3 miles / 0.6km flat segment, it’s quick and straight, making it popular with runners in Hyde Park, whether they’re commuting or just enjoying a jog in one of the capital city’s biggest Royal Parks.

Segment: Stelvio – Bormio Turn Downhill

  • Sport: Ride

  • Location: Bormio, Italy

  • Number of attempts: 111,493

The most popular cycling segment in Italy by distance category (1-3 miles), and second most popular in the entire country, it’s not hard to see why it’s been completed so many times.

Zig-zagging downhill from the second-highest mountain pass in the Alps, cyclists relish the speed of the iconic turns from the peak downwards at an 8.6% average grade. The current segment leader completed it at an average speed of 61.3km/h.

The Stelvio attracts cyclists from around the world. Photography by: kovop

Segment: Viveros-Paseo alameda

  • Sport: Run

  • Location: Valencia, Spain

  • Number of attempts: 44,115

Valencia Marathon is where runners flock to get a PB — famed for its flat, fast course, it’s one of the best places in the world to break your own target. So it’s no surprise to see that Spain’s most popular running segment in the 1-3 mile distance category is this section, which makes up part of the marathon course.

It’s located halfway on the marathon route, so runners will usually be feeling good, moving quickly, and maybe even bagging a PR on this segment if they’ve run it before.

Segment: Llanberis Path Bottom Section to the Road

  • Sport: Hike

  • Location: Snowdonia, Wales

  • Number of attempts: 30,952

The section coming down from Mount Snowdon, the highest point in Wales, is massively popular with hikers, and takes the number 1 spot for 1-3 mile distance for hiking in Wales.

It’s steep, at 9.8%, and has been completed by more than 30,000 tired-yet-inspired walkers.

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