Uba's Ultimate Test: Can He Finish a 1000km Race After a Terrible Fever?

Gravel Biking

, by Greg Heil

Ulrich Bartholmoes, aka "Uba," set out to race the epic 1,000-kilometer Race Around Rwanda and had a film crew from BMC ready to go to document the endeavor. Unfortunately, the film project took an unexpected turn before the race even began, as Uba lay in bed with a 40°C fever. He made the tough call to go ahead with the race despite the incredible distance, the African heat, and the 17,000 meters of elevation gain he faced on Rwanda's 1,000 hills.

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"Leading the race after 150 km, Ulrich faced unexpected challenges as the fine red sand dust and high elevations took a toll on his health and threatened to derail his quest," writes BMC. "Faced with a compromised immune system, Ulrich had to make a gut-wrenching decision: to stop or to carry on?"

"This is a testament to the unpredictable nature of ultra-cycling," said Uba. "We aimed to capture the race, but the unexpected fever turned our story into a different, much more human perspective. Everything can happen - and that makes these journeys both physically and emotionally demanding." 

Did Uba make it through the race? And if so, how did he place? To find out, you'll have to watch this incredible documentary!

Ulrich Bartholmoes

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