It Just got Easier to Set & Track a Goal on Strava


Goals can get you moving. They can keep you accountable and motivated. They can get you out of your comfort zone – where you can get stronger and level up.

In fact, over 50% of athletes who set goals on Strava achieve them.

The best part? It just got even easier to set and track a goal on Strava.

It’s a simple update. The Goals feature used to only be available on your Progress tab. But now it’ll also show up in your activity page every time you upload.

This means you’ll see how every single activity contributed toward your progress. (We know it makes us think twice about hitting snooze!)

And if you don’t have a goal, you can set one with one tap. Strava will even suggest a goal based on your history, but you can always customize it.

So get out of your comfort zone – then get comfortable there. Goals make it less daunting to test yourself. And now they’re even easier to use.

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