It Just Got Easier To Plan A Route With Strava Maps

Strava Updates

With the new-look Strava maps, it’s a lot – and we mean a lot – easier for subscribers to get and use a new route custom-built for you.

For starters, all the route-planning tools are right at your disposal when you open Maps – there’s no need to move things around or dig too far to get started setting your preferences and getting your route recommendations.

Once you get your route options, it’s easier to swipe through and see your choices, and you can see the full route mapped out when you’re picking one out. As always, the routes are based on where other Strava users move, so you know you’re getting a primo recommendation. Plus, you can get a route recco from anywhere on the map by holding your finger down on a location.

Those are all updates to mobile, but don’t think we’ve forgotten about Maps on web.

From your computer, you can view photos on your Personal Heatmap, turning your own maps into a rich story of where you’ve been, what it was like to explore there, and even who you were with. We’ve also made it easier to plan for all your different sport types. Try out new Global Heatmaps and Segment Explore filtered by Run, Ride, Walk, Hike, and much more — you’ll have better assurances that wherever you’re going is suited for however you want to move.

So check out the new-look Maps tabs – and don’t worry, it’s still got all the things you liked from before. But now there are fewer steps between opening Maps and hitting “record” as you get on your way – that’s something everyone can get excited about.

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