How to Become Legendary

Product Updates

This is for all those creatures of habit and dedication. The coveted Local Legend status is expanding to six new sport types: walk, hike, alpine ski, backcountry ski, nordic ski, and snowboarding. With this expansion, you can claim the title of Local Legend for the most activities on segments during a 90-day period.

If you read that and wondered, "Local Legend? What are they talking about?" let's bring you up to speed. Local legends started in 2020 as an achievement for runners and cyclists to crush. It's not about speed or power. Just how much you show up.

With this expansion, there are so many ways to claim the title. The only question is, what kind of Local Legend will you become? The neighborhood dog walker? The scenic route taker? The late season snow shredder?

See if you're already a Local Legend and check out how close your competition is to nabbing your elite status. Just go to: You > Profile > Segments > Local Legends or check it out here.