DM Your Friends, Your Coach, Your Solemate: Messaging Is Here!

Strava Updates

It dropped in December, but in case you missed it, we’ll let you know again: messaging is now live on Strava! You can send DMs to friends or start group chats with up to 25 people.

All the good stuff you know and love from other messaging apps is here on Strava – sending gifs and having fun with chat reactions. But what’s even better: You can also send Strava-specific content that you won’t find anywhere else:

1️⃣ Routes: Message saved routes to your training buddies to make planning group activities easy.

2️⃣ Events: If a club you’re a part of is hosting an event and you want to bring a +1, send the event via Strava message to make sure they RSVP.

3️⃣ Activities: See something epic and want someone else to see it too? Send activities to spread kudos and motivation like never before.

When it comes to your settings, you’re always in control. To learn more about your settings options and decide who can message you, head here.

To learn more about other new features, check out What's New.

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