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Amélie Dias: Running Towards the Marathon of a Lifetime


Photography courtesy of: Mehdi El Mabrouk / Nike

Discover Parisian runner Amélie Dias’ training tips, insights on nutrition and community, and find motivation to kickstart your own running journey this summer.

Ready to take your running game to the next level? Just ask Amélie Dias, a Nike and Strava member who is gearing up for her first marathon this summer. Her journey with running has been a rollercoaster ride, but now, she is leaning into learning, growth, and the joy of running – and she’s here to share her story with you. 

Amélie knows the pitfalls of pushing too hard without a solid running plan. "In 2021, I skipped steps and didn't take the time to establish a proper progression in my training, which caused mini-injuries to my knee and pain in my lower back. It ultimately led me to completely stop running," she recalls. 

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Sounds familiar? Many of us have been there, sidelined by injuries and forced to start again from scratch. But Amélie’s experience proves it doesn’t have to be that way.

In 2023, joining Nike’s running projects rekindled Amélie’s love for the sport and marked a turning point in her journey. “I resumed gradually and intelligently, and my relationship with running has really changed,” she reflects.

Running brings people together a lot, and my community has grown thanks to running. It is a very committed community, thanks to the love we share for running. I feel free and I feel strong.

Continuing into 2024, Amélie is part of a Nike running crew united by the same goal: being on top of their game on D-Day. Nike is gearing up bib holders like Amélie and coaching them so they can make the most of this iconic moment by offering weekly run clubs, product testing, digital challenges, and exclusive outfits to wear on race day.

Nike prepares me as much as possible, first of all because we run in a group, which helps. What I find great is being able to do exercises that I wouldn't have normally imagined, we are well supervised, I give my all since I started and I feel stronger!” she emphasizes.

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As we head into an exhilarating summer of sports – hello, France! – there is even more to be excited about, including an upcoming challenge from Nike and Strava – stay tuned.

The Power of Holistic Training

As we know, running isn't just about racking up miles. It’s about holistic training that includes strength and mobility exercises alongside our running schedule. This balanced approach ensures our muscles, joints, and tendons can handle the load effectively when we hit the pavement and helps prevent injuries.

Photography courtesy of: Mehdi El Mabrouk / Nike

Amélie is a big advocate for this well-rounded training style. “I train twice a week to strengthen all my muscles with explosive exercises, proprioception, and mobility. I have two coaches and I follow their training program, which also includes running regularly,” she explains.

Nutrition is key too. “From a nutrition perspective, I have been taking food supplements every morning for two years,” Amélie shares. “I also take collagen in my latte every day to strengthen the joints in my knees. For several months, I have integrated plant protein into my diet to have a greater intake of protein, which continues the development of my muscle mass.”

Despite her disciplined routine, Amélie loves food and finds a way to strike a balance. “I am a big foodie. I don't deprive myself when I want something sweet... But it's like everything, it’s all about being balanced!” she reminds us.

Building a Running Community

Beyond training, community plays a big role in Amélie’s running journey both online and on the track. 

“Running brings people together a lot, and my community has grown thanks to running. It is a very committed community, thanks to the love we share for running. I feel free and I feel strong,” she beams, highlighting the collective motivation and camaraderie that fuels her.

At the beginning, running is hard, but it's the best sport to see your progress and be proud of yourself.

Running with friends is terrific, and Amélie takes it a step further by joining online running communities like Nike and Strava. They have helped her connect with fellow runners, boosting her motivation, and making her show up more regularly and put in more effort. 

As a content creator, Amélie also motivates her followers online, where she aims “to inspire people by being intelligent in the way I give advice on equipment, my general training and how everything is going well since I understood why I was running and that I should not give up,” she affirms. 

“At the beginning, running is hard, but it's the best sport to see your progress and be proud of yourself,” she shares honestly.

A Summer to Remember

As Amélie gears up for her first ever marathon this summer in Paris, she is all about savoring the experience. “I want to enjoy it as much as possible,” she smiles. “I’m going to train properly and be proud of myself when I cross the finish line with more than 40,000 other runners. It’s going to be the marathon of a lifetime, my first, which will remain etched in my memory for life!”

Her message is clear: With the right training and support, you can achieve your running goals. 

What better time to start running? With resources like the Nike and Strava challenge available to help kickstart or reignite your running journey with confidence and have a blast doing it, you can have an unforgettable summer of running.

Bonus: If you have a bib for the 10k or the Marathon happening on August 10 in Paris, join Nike and prepare for this historic race with them. For those without a bib, sign up to one of Nike’s Run clubs and be a part of a collective of runners united around the same objective: To be your best on the starting line.

Disclaimer: The content provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or nutritional advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

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