You Just Got Access to FATMAP

Product Updates

It's official! You can use your Strava login details to sign in and access FATMAP.

Oh, you haven't heard of FATMAP yet? It's an app that offers top-tier routing and terrain tools that help you make smarter decisions when planning adventures. Get unlimited offline map downloads, access to topographic maps, live data (like snow layers, lifts, pistes), custom terrain tools, adventure guides, and so much more.

To get started, download the app and tap Connect with Strava. From there, you'll be asked to log into Strava to authenticate the connection. Then, you're in!

You can download the FATMAP app here or check it out on desktop here.

Subscribers will have unlimited access to FATMAP Explore which includes the best features for outdoor exploration, while free users will have limited access. If you decide to upgrade to a subscription on Strava, your FATMAP account will also upgrade automatically. Consider the apps as a bundle. Win-win.

Check it out today and start exploring your world – with extra confidence.

Still have questions about setting things up? Head to the full FAQ guide here.