Pastries & Paris: Emilie Yip Celebrates Running & Gastronomy Ahead of the Olympics


, by Fabienne Lang

Photography by: Marathon Nice-Cannes | Luc Shao

Join Emilie Yip on a Parisian odyssey, where her creativity turns each run into a unique project, from conquering metro lines to savoring French pastries – all leading up to the grand stage of the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

“I try to find a story behind my runs,” Emilie Yip spills her secret. She explains her running isn't just about the miles; it's about discovering, creating, and having fun. Our Parisian protagonist concocts unique running projects aimed at showcasing the splendor of her beloved city, inspiring others to be creative in sport, and adding a touch of whimsy to her training.

Step into Emilie’s world, where running, French pastries, and a playful spirit come together in perfect harmony. Brace yourself, for she has cracked the code to transforming long runs into vibrant tales of discovery and joy.


Take Emilie's initial project in 2023, where she ran the entire 225 kilometers of Paris' 14 metro lines above ground. It wasn't about breaking records but uncovering hidden gems in her beloved city, all while having fun and documenting her discoveries for fellow runners. And what sparked this project, you ask? In true French style, it kicked off with the allure of a cheese aperitif awaiting her and her running companion at the end of metro Line 1. She ran with her appetite while he wielded a baguette through the streets of the capital, perfectly encapsulating the quintessential French joie de vivre.

Photography: (L) [Un Run Une Douceur dans Paris] Project | Episode 1 : Paris Half-Macaron | Luc Shao / (R) Metro Line Project | Starting point of the Metro Line 2 | Luc Shao

Encouraged by her sister to extend the adventure and conquer the rest of the metro lines, Emilie’s story is more than just running, it’s about savoring life's simple pleasures and encouraging others to do the same. “It allows other runners to step out of their comfort zones and discover their hometowns, whether they’re in Paris or elsewhere, even on a small scale,” Emilie explains part of her motivation.

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Riding on the euphoria of that runner’s high, Emilie has now set her sights on a new project, infusing the lead-up to the Paris 2024 Olympics with her unique blend of running and French cuisine love. Securing her bib for the "Marathon Pour Tous," an event where amateur runners will follow the same route as the Olympic marathon during the games on the night of August 10, she's on a mission to showcase Paris and France in the months leading up to the grand event. “Promoting sport is something I really care about,” she explains, “So, in this context, I want to celebrate Paris and France throughout the eight months before the Olympic games.”

With infectious enthusiasm, she explains, “Paris is renowned as the capital of gastronomy in pastry. I want to highlight Paris through the lens of its pastries and cuisine, and everyone has heard about French pastries. That's why I want to dedicate a specific run to a French pastry every month leading up to the Olympics.” Enter: “1 run, 1 douceur dans Paris,” or “1 run, 1 pastry in Paris.”

Emilie's first pastry-inspired run took place in January and was dedicated to the famous French macaron. It was a delectable adventure that connected all 13, iconic Ladurée patisseries in Paris, covering the magical distance of a half marathon, with mandatory macaron pitstops. Her playful spirit shone through as she christened it the "Paris Half Macaron," a clever wordplay that captures the essence of her unique running projects, turning each run into a sweet episode.

Now, brace yourself for Emilie’s upcoming episode in February, where she is turning her attention to the Paris-Brest pastry. Her excitement is palpable: “It's a pastry that I love, and there is a story behind it,” she says with a cheeky smile. “I did some research and I know the first Paris-Brest was created near Paris in Maisons-Laffitte. So maybe I'm going to venture into Maisons-Laffitte. Let’s see!” Her runs become not just physical feats but journeys through history and culture. With each monthly pastry-themed run, Emilie's concoction of athleticism, creativity, and love for French culture leaves us utterly captivated.

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Wondering where Emilie channels her inspiration? “I believe, like musical practice, that running allows me to be creative,” she reflects on her years playing the piano. “What excites me is to find fun ways to run to tell a story about it. So there’s another angle, another perspective. Maybe it's my artistic soul,” she muses, seamlessly blending her passion for running with her creative spirit. In the grand symphony of creativity and athleticism, she not only enriches her own journey but sparks inspiration for others to view running as an art, not just a physical pursuit.

“The possibilities are what I love about this sport. You can run alone or in a group and you can either learn from yourself or through others,” she adds. Running also becomes a dance of individual exploration and community engagement in Emilie's playbook. Sharing her escapades on social media has not only grown her audience but has also seen fellow runners joining her on the road.

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As Emilie gears up for the “Marathon Pour Tous” there's a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ palpable in the air. Her commitment to celebrating France and Paris through her unique running projects is more than a personal journey – it’s an offering to those who follow her exploits. An ode to the joy of running, a celebration of French culture, and a playful anticipation of the grand event that is the Paris 2024 Olympics, get ready to cheer for Emilie as she runs, not just for the finish line, but for the sheer joy of the journey itself.

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