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Frédéric de Lanouvelle and his daughter Mathilde transformed Strava into a canvas, earning them the coveted Artist of the Year award. Their activity wasn't just a ride; it was a masterpiece – a 1,343 mile / 2,162km heart-shaped GPS drawing across France. And there’s more to their artwork than meets the eye.

Meet the dynamic duo that pedaled their way into Strava's heart – quite literally! Frédéric and Mathilde de Lanouvelle, a father-daughter team from France, have won the coveted Strava Artist of the Year award – and they certainly earned it. The two set out on an old-school tandem bike to tackle a 1,343 mile / 2,162km route around France with the goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for the "largest GPS drawing by bicycle (team)."

Frédéric, the adventure-loving dad with a penchant for ultra-distances, hatched a brilliant plan. Every time one of his four daughters turns 16, they embark on an epic adventure. For Mathilde, it was the challenge of a lifetime – creating a massive heart-shaped GPS drawing. The twist? Doing it for a good cause. The duo clocked a huge 117 hours and 25 minutes on their sturdy tandem bike, all in the name of charity – specifically, Mécénat chirurgie cardiaque, which helps children with heart issues get the surgery they need. 

Of course, they faced a fair share of challenges. On day six, the tandem hit a snag – a broken chain, a wonky derailleur gear, and a cracked frame. It didn't stop them. With the magic of community spirit, they fixed it up and kept on going.

Day in and day out, they pedaled through the beautiful landscapes of France, covering about 93 miles / 150 kilometres each day. The terrain had their thighs burning, but they were in it together, creating memories that'll last a lifetime. For Mathilde, it was a first-time adventure of this magnitude, and despite the uphill battles (literally), she wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. 

Their heart-shaped GPS masterpiece painted across the Jura forests, the Larzac plateau, Chablis vineyards, and the Massif Central landscapes wasn't just about setting a world record. It was a canvas of values – commitment, sportsmanship, solidarity, and, of course, family. Not only did they raise over 26,000 euros (USD$28,000) for charity, but they also shared their journey's highs and lows with the world through Strava and social platforms. 

Frédéric de Lanouvelle

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