Hello, Dark Mode

Strava Updates

It’s been 84 years, but the wait is finally over: dark mode is now on Strava. Thanks for hanging in there.

Here’s how to turn it on:

1️⃣ Make sure you have the latest version of the app
2️⃣ Go to the “You” tab
3️⃣ Hit the settings icon at the top right of your screen
4️⃣ Under the “Preferences” section, go to “Appearance”
5️⃣ Here you can pick “default” (this matches Strava to your phone settings), “light mode” or “dark mode”

Now go ahead, update your settings and embrace the dark side. Your eyeballs will thank you.

Oh, and ICYMI, watch our CEO read your comments:

Special shout-out to Steph, Noah and Lucy for the “enthusiasm”.

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