The Best Strava Art of 2023


, by Greg Heil

Le petit renne au nez rouge by Anthony Hoyte

2023 was the Year of the Rabbit, and the past 12 months saw riders and runners from around the world channel their inner jackrabbits by creating a stunning array of human-powered Strava artwork! This year, we watched a battle royale play out for the Guinness World Record for the "largest GPS drawing by bicycle (team)," with the record broken at least twice in the past 12 months.

But being a Strava artist isn't really about pedaling the furthest or fastest. Instead, creativity and being able to see the physical world through a unique lens are the requisite qualities for creating a truly inspiring piece of Strava art. Whether it was the biggest or the most creative, here are some of the most incredible works of Strava art that we spotted in 2023.

First, let's talk about the biggest drawing of the year:

There must be something in the water in London: Nicolas Georgiou's London witch easily ranks among the most intricate drawings we saw in 2023.

That intricacy is only topped by Tim Lewin's massive giraffe (with spots), which is a composite of 6 different rides. Naturally, this giraffe is escaping from the London Zoo—where else?!

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