Segment Leaderboard Percentage Rankings Show Exactly How You Stack Up


Have you ever looked at a leaderboard, seen that you rank X-hundred out of Y-thousand, and tried to do some quick napkin math to figure out what percentile that puts you in?

Oh. Yeah, neither have we.

But let’s say you did want to know exactly where you rank in the pack. All-new leaderboard percentage rankings make it a breeze. With one glance you can see you’re ranked in the top 50%. Or 17%. Or 65%. The point is, no more napkin math. Which we definitely haven’t done. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And yes – you can see your adjusted percentage ranking when you filter for age, gender, weight, people you’re following, and so on.

These new percentage rankings make it easier to see how you’re progressing, and taking on your friends or your old self is a surefire way to get motivated. Like leaderboards themselves, this feature is available to subscribers – if that’s not you, sign up to try it. And if you’re already subscribed, make sure to star your favorite segments so you can keep coming back to them and trying to climb that leaderboard, 1% at a time.

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