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Be a Traveler and a Runner with Westin Hotels’ 7 Scenic Routes


Photography courtesy of: Westin Hotels

Traveling often disrupts our routines, especially when it comes to staying active. To help combat that, we’ve teamed up with Westin Hotels & Resorts to unlock a global collection of locally-curated routes that blend exploration with fitness in cities around the world.

Maintaining your run routine can be tricky when you’re traveling. Running in a new city can be daunting and jetlag can turn your brain foggier than an early San Francisco morning in June. That said, data from the Year in Sport 2023 show that Strava athletes love to exercise while away from home. On average, people on Strava run 14% further and hike a massive 32% more when staying in hotels like Westin.

To bypass all that and help you enhance your well-being when on the road, we have partnered with the Westin Hotels & Resorts, a global powerhouse in the world of wellness and hospitality. As part of the brand’s famed WestinWORKOUT program, each of the brand’s 240+ properties from around the globe have created their own unique and accessible routes on Strava, each starting directly from their hotels’ front doors and guiding you through the very best their location has to offer. From one- to six-mile running routes, to scenic mountain hikes, these routes will help you stay active and discover what these awesome international cities have to offer.

JOIN THE WESTIN WELLNESS CHALLENGE: Users in the US who complete 600 minutes of activity in May will be entered to win the grand prize of a Westin Next Generation Heavenly® Bed.

Not sure where to travel next? Check out seven of our top picks from around the world for some inspiration:

Singapore: The Westin Singapore

Even if Singapore is synonymous with humidity, running here is a real treat. You can explore the city and stretch your legs along this delightful 5km route starting from the Westin Singapore. Along the way, you'll encounter iconic sights such as Marina Bay, the striking Marina Bay Sands, the renowned SuperTree Grove in Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade Park, and Fullerton Square. It's a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the charm of the city while enjoying an invigorating run. Bonus: You'll appreciate that refreshing shower even more after experiencing the renowned humidity of the region.

Photography by: huntergol hp

Vancouver: The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Vancouver needs little introduction when it comes to its incredible accessibility to the outdoors. You can dig your heels into its nearby nature and experience the diversity of Vancouver first-hand as you jog along its picturesque Seawall on this scenic 5km route. Starting from the Westin Bayshore, wind your way around Brockton Point and through the lush Stanley Park, soaking in views of the city skyline, the North Shore mountains, and the tranquil bay. It's a quintessential Vancouver adventure.

Milan: The Westin Palace Milan

Before you enjoy the traditional Milanese flavors of panettone and risotto alla Milanese, why not first get a taste for Milan’s historical treasures and architectural gems on a run? Head out of the Westin Palace Milan and discover Sempione Park on this 7km run. You’ll jog past the iconic Arch of Peace and set your rhythm against the majestic backdrop of Castello Sforzesco, blending fitness with cultural discovery amid the park's stunning scenery. After a good stretch and a change of clothes, it’s then time to discover the other, delectable side of Milan: its food.

Cape Town: The Westin Cape Town

A run in Cape Town perfectly blends urban exploration with stunning natural sights. This scenic 10km run from the Westin Cape Town takes you by the renowned V & A Waterfront and encircles Green Point. Along the way, you'll catch sight of the Cape Wheel and the picturesque Green Point Lighthouse. Plus, you’ll enjoy the invigorating ocean breeze as the horizon stretches out in front of you, with Table Mountain standing majestically on one side.

Denver: The Westin Denver International Airport

For those in transit, here's a unique suggestion: Instead of simply waiting for your next flight at Denver International Airport, why not take a leisurely 2km stroll and explore the third busiest airport in the world on foot? Starting from the Westin’s doors, you’ll discover intriguing art installations scattered throughout the terminals and see if you can spot the Gargoyle, quietly keeping watch over passengers' bags. Best of all, enjoy the fun people-watching experience along the way. Just make sure not to miss your next flight.

Guadalajara: The Westin Guadalajara

Remember the Pokémon Go smartphone game? It’s time to re-download it for your next run in Guadalajara. Follow the Westin Guadalajara’s map on a 2km journey that leads you through the vibrant streets of this Mexican city, passing by the nearest gyms to your hotel and uncovering hidden Pokémon checkpoints along the way. You’ll immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere of the city as you weave through its bustling streets and charming neighborhoods, combining fitness with the very unique thrill of a Pokémon adventure.

Kyoto: The Westin Miyako Kyoto

Kyoto is famous for its hundreds of shrines and temples and world-renowned architectural charm. And the Westin Miyako Kyoto’s 5km run loop does not disappoint. You’ll explore the city on foot, passing by the Kyoto City Zoo, the serene Okazaki Park, and the Heian-jingū and Okazaki Shrines. Then, follow the path of the former railway track at Keage Incline, before marveling at the tranquility of Okunoin Temple. This immersive loop encapsulates the essence of Kyoto's rich heritage and scenic allure.

Photography by: Patryk Kosmider

From the vibrant energy of Singapore to the historical allure of Milan; the bustling Pokémon-laden streets of Guadalajara and the people-watching terminals at Denver International Airport, each one of these routes offers a unique blend of fitness, cultural immersion, and scenic beauty. So lace up your running shoes, hit the pavement, and discover the world on your next run on one of these unique, international routes.

JOIN THE WESTIN WELLNESS CHALLENGE: Users in the US who complete 600 minutes of activity in May will be entered to win the grand prize of a Westin Next Generation Heavenly® Bed. With ten Heavenly Beds up for grabs, this is one of Strava’s largest challenges to date, with a value of over $20,000. Sign up here.

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