Map Your Way from Point A to Z

Product Updates

We've got a new update that will make navigating a breeze – from point A to Z.

On desktop, the Route builder feature has helped millions of subscribers chart their treks. But now, you can add multiple waypoints (stops between the start and finish) to create even more personalized Routes for your activities. So add that pastry shop before the end of your ride or plan for a scenic pitstop.

Want to try this now? We got you. This update is available to all subscribers and only on desktop. Map any Ride, Run, Walk, Hike, Trail Run, Mountain Bike and Gravel Ride activity. Just hop on your computer and head here to try it out at Once done, save the Route and it will be ready whenever you are.

When you check out your Route on a mobile device, you'll also notice we've refreshed the details page for Routes in the app. Now, you'll get detailed map views and a sleek new layout.

Planning for your next adventure just got easier. Stay tuned for more map updates rolling out soon!

P.S. Need some inspo for your route planning? Give our tour de San Francisco a try (and don’t forget the Ariscault stop!).