New! Share Detailed + Interactive Route Embeds Directly on Your Site

Strava Updates

Give your event participants, club members or followers a seamless way to immerse themselves in a route. Whether your website is for a race, a national park, or a local cycling shop – you can now add a detailed and interactive map of any route you create directly to your own site.

Explore with ease

Once the map is embedded onto your site, it’s dynamic! Viewers will be able to zoom in and out, navigate around the route and see the elevation profile alongside the map.

Add waypoints

You can now call attention to specific spots along the route with waypoints. Add up to 30 different types of waypoints with custom descriptions and titles to call out where there might be water, bathrooms, aid stations or more! (Waypoints are not yet visible on the Strava app.)

See the route in motion

Provide an immersive visualization of the route right on your site thanks to the Flyover video. This tool will help viewers understand the climbs, descents, twists and turns of any route.

Promote your club

You can now connect your club’s name directly to the route. When you embed a route onto your site, you’ll have the option to add a unique link to lead folks directly to your Strava club. 

3D Maps + more

Adding a route to your site has never been more customizable. You can choose to show the route in 3D or 6 different styles including: hybrid, satellite, winter, standard, light, or dark.

Learn the ins and outs about how to embed a route onto your site here so you can start sharing your favorite routes with your community in style.