Athlete Intelligence, Heatmaps, Dark Mode & More — The Major Announcements from Camp Strava

Strava Updates

Missed the live stream of Camp Strava, our annual event gathering incredible athletes, explorers, community builders, event organizers and world-class brands that drive movement across the globe? Check out the highlights from this year’s reveal and how we’re using community feedback and artificial intelligence to improve how you connect, progress and explore on Strava.

👉 Get more from your next workout with Strava’s Athlete Intelligence 

Releasing later this year, Strava's new AI feature turns all the data from your next run, ride, walk, or hike into an easily-digestible summary, helping you make sense of what you just accomplished – and what it means in the context of your fitness and other goals.

👉 Level the leaderboard playing field with AI-enabled leaderboard integrity

Faulty data shouldn’t steal your spotlight or tarnish your hard-earned ranking on Segment and Challenge leaderboards. We’re training a machine learning model with millions of activities to flag questionable activities – so everyone can play fair and have more fun. 

👉 Your activity pages are getting a makeover

Get ready for a more comprehensive data and map experience when you tap into your activity. We’re bringing more activity stats into one unified experience and overhauling the maps experience by adding workout-specific highlights directly on the map, like speed over time, segments, photos you took, where you earned a Best Effort and more.

👉 Weekly and Night Heatmaps

We know you use heatmaps to see popular routes, but do you know when they are popular? Weekly Heatmaps will show activities in the last seven days (particularly useful if you’re hiking in a new place or curious if road or trail conditions have changed recently). Night Heatmaps, meanwhile, show the activities that happen between sundown and sunrise – so you know which roads and paths are well-trafficked after hours. 

👉 Flyovers: The coolest view of your activities

Sometimes, a static map doesn’t do an epic day justice. That’s when you need Flyover. Flyover brings your activity to life right on the screen with an animated 3D map and dynamic workout stats, zipping through the air like a drone following the action. And soon, you can share it on social media. After the sweat has dried or the finish line has been packed up, Flyover lets you sit back, take it all in, and say “I did that.”

👉 Did someone say… Dark mode? 

Calling all night owls, early risers, and midnight kudos bombers - we hear you! Dark mode is coming to Strava’s mobile apps this summer. Stay tuned for the release as we put the finishing touches on the designs.

The great news is that these announcements are just for starters - and there’s even more coming that we couldn’t fit in here. We’ll keep you up to date on the amazing product releases that will be coming your way in the next few months.