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Join Kate Mackz on her Running Interview Show, where she catches up with everyone from A-listers to everyday joggers, right in the heart of New York City. It's all about breaking barriers, releasing endorphins, and sharing stories while on the run.

“Hey! How many miles are you running today?”

If you're in New York City’s Hudson River Park, Central Park, or bustling city streets you might hear Kate Mackz asking that question.

In just a year, Kate has become a social media sensation with her unique Running Interview Show. Her TikTok has over 712,000 followers, and her Instagram has 118,000 followers. In just one year.

The premise of her show is wonderfully simple yet magical: she interviews people – from A listers to regular Joes - while running. It’s a brilliant way to break down barriers, get interviewees at ease, release endorphins, and stay active all while getting to know people and sharing their story.

JOIN THE CHALLENGE: Move with Kate Mackz

Kate's show combines her love for running and storytelling, and she's fantastic at both.

Running as a Lifestyle

Hailing from an active family in New Jersey, Kate's life has always revolved around sports. Competitive lacrosse was her childhood passion. Yet, it was a twist of fate—two torn ACLs—that led her down the path of running. "I was worried I wouldn’t ever be able to run again,” Kate reflects on her debilitating injuries. After months of painstaking recovery, she gradually returned to activity. “That’s when I really fell in love with lifestyle running and running as a form of self-care. It was for myself."

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Even as she moved to New York City for university, Kate's love for running remained steadfast. "I know the city like the back of my hand because I've run every crossroad, every street, miles, and miles around it."

Transitioning into a full-time job in marketing didn't slow her down either. "I would schedule group runs with people a couple of days a week. I did that for years," she recalls.

The Running Interview Show

It was through these group runs at university and during her work years that her running show idea started to blossom. "I always had this idea of doing a running interview show. I realized running attracts such incredible people. Plus, not only do such incredible people run, but there are also so many people interested in running. I just needed to figure out how a show would stick.”

Then one day, she found her hook: ‘How many miles are you running today?’. “So when I finally started the show in late March / early April 2023, it was awesome to see it take off,” Kate explains.

At first glance, Kate’s concept might seem unconventional – conducting interviews while on the run – but by diving deeper, we discover a refreshing approach to both running and storytelling. Unlike traditional interviews carried out in face-to-face scenarios, Kate’s show unfolds against the backdrop of New York City’s bustling streets and serene parks. It's an immersive experience that not only showcases her love for running but also highlights the diverse stories of the people she encounters along the way.

And the impact of her show has been profound. "People really enjoy watching the interviews. I get a lot of messages saying, 'I got into running because of you' or 'I picked up running because of you'," Kate says, emphasizing the broad appeal of her content.

Her show isn't just about marathon runners; "It's about everybody who can run if you're capable and willing, and obviously in good health," she notes.

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Kate's interviewing style is straightforward, kicking off with her often approaching random people on the street. "I'm one of those people that doesn't care. I don't find anything awkward or embarrassing," she says with a hint of her Jersey girl confidence.

The show has evolved to feature celebrities and creators like Noah Beck, Henry Golding, and Bobby Flay. Kate loves the aspect of her show that uncovers another side to celebrities. They each have a niche, like Bobby Flay, the celebrity chef and restaurateur she recently interviewed, but “most people don't know that he's also a lifestyle runner,” she explains. “He wanted to show that to his audience.”

I’ve found that when you’re doing a shared experience, like running, the endorphins are flowing, people are feeling good and they open up, they’re vulnerable.

“There are so many people in New York City with fascinating careers, backgrounds, and the common denominator for the people I've profiled who do all different sorts of jobs, whether they're a chef or a singer or they're a businessperson, lawyer, doctor, nurse, who cares? But they all run, and I think that's so interesting.” Kate explains.

Carrying out an interview while running breaks down barriers. “It’s a no-frills type of interview,” Kate says. “I’ve found that when you’re doing a shared experience, like running, the endorphins are flowing, people are feeling good and they open up, they’re vulnerable.”


The Creator Challenge

As Kate gears up for her 'Creator Challenge' with Strava, called ‘Move with Kate Mackz,’ excitement is building among her followers. The challenge kicks off on March 25th and runs until April 23rd.It encourages participants to engage in 300 minutes of activity in 30 days, with the chance to win a bib for the New York City Marathon. To put that into ‘sports math’, that’s 10 minutes of activity a day for 30 days. Do-able, right?

Kate will select a winner at random who screenshots their completed challenge, posts it to Instagram tagging her, and follows her on Instagram, Strava, and TikTok to win a 2024 New York City Marathon bib. As a bonus, all challenge finishers will receive a digital badge on Strava for their trophy case.

“I'm really pumped about it. My favorite thing about the Creator Challenge is, while I love running, I also love other types of workouts, too, and I acknowledge that not all my followers are runners. I think it's important to move your body. I know it makes most people feel good,” Kate says smiling.

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"I just think it's really cool to be partnering with a company like Strava, because you guys really share the same community values," Kate says, expressing her enthusiasm for the challenge's inclusivity.

In a world filled with noise and distractions, Kate Mackz's Running Interview Show reminds us of the power of authentic connections and the joy of living life at our own pace. So next time you hit the pavement in New York City, keep an ear out for Kate’s infamous: “Hey! How many miles are you running today?”

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