Celebrate Earth Day All Week Long and Help Us Save 500,000kg of CO2


Join Strava Metro in support of EARTHDAY.ORG, and make your commute count by joining the Earth Week: Commute to Curb Carbon Challenge. By joining the challenge and tagging your commutes, you’ll contribute to our goal of saving 500,000kg of CO2 in just 1 week. That’s like replacing 1.5 million miles of driving with active commuting!

Join the challenge here.

Every commute counts in reaching 500,000kg of CO2, and swapping your keys for pedals or sneakers might be easier than you think. About half of all trips in the US are 3 miles or less— that’s only about 20 minutes by bike!

And to make sure your commutes count towards our goal, be sure to tag your walk, run, or bike rides.

  1. In your activity, tap the three dots in the upper right and select Edit Activity.

  2. Under Details, tap the dropdown Type of run/ride/walk.

  3. Select Commute and update your activity. Presto – your commute is counted!

And as a bonus, when your activity is tagged as a commute, one of the stats you’ll see (alongside distance, speed, etc.) is how much CO2 you saved by taking that route under your own power instead of in a car.

This Earth Week and every week, your tagged commutes help provide Strava Metro with the kind of insights it shares with planners and researchers who are building better infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. By sharing your commutes on Strava, you’re not just getting kudos—you’re helping make your roads safer and better for more human-powered commutes in the future.

Learn more about Strava Metro.

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