Calling all Dog Parents! 🐶


Strava and the Fi Collar are partnering to give you and your furry friend a fun way to stay motivated and moving. With this new integration, your Fi dog walks will now automatically upload onto Strava so you can get kudos on one more piece of your day – and theirs. 🐶

Bringing advanced GPS tracking together with activity, sleep, and behavior monitoring, Fi is a new breed of dog collar.  It lets you keep tabs on where your dog is at all times, provides notes on their sleeping patterns, and even gives dogs some friendly competition with their own leaderboards.

Your Fi activities upload to Strava with a graphic featuring stats from the walk like steps, rankings, and strakes. You’ll get to share your pup’s athletic prowess with your community and get you both your well-deserved kudos. (And please: don’t forget the dog pics.)

The best part? Once you’ve connected Strava and Fi, you won’t have to lift a paw. Fi will automatically detect and record when you take your dog for a walk and when that walk finishes. Easy.

If you’ve been waiting to try out Fi, now’s the perfect time because Strava athletes can access a special offer of $20 off and up to 3 months free. Use the code “STRAVA20” and learn more about the smart collar here.

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