British Columbia's Best Bike Parks

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, by Charlie Boscoe

Dropping into the Top of the World Trail at Whistler. Photography by: Simonakoz

From Whistler to Kicking Horse, Canada's British Columbia is blessed with some of the best mountain biking on the planet. The question is: where to go? Charlie Boscoe profiles some of the top spots in BC.

British Columbia is roughly the same size as France and Germany combined, and the vast majority of it is sparsely populated, mountainous, and wild, so it's a biker's paradise. There are long enduro rides everywhere you look, but dotted across this vast land is also a collection of bike parks that would rival anything in the world. To say there's a lifetime's worth of riding in BC sounds like a cliched, throwaway comment, but it's true. The trickiest bit of a visit to Canada's westernmost province is figuring out which of the many exceptional spots to visit, so in this article, I'll try to lend a hand with solving this "problem"!


Bike officials might be rolling their eyes at the predictability of Whistler's ranking as number one on this list, but putting anything else here would be disingenuous. Whistler isn't just the best bike park in BC—it's quite possibly the best riding spot on the planet. With a fast, modern lift system and trails of every grade, length, and style, Whistler is the global capital of biking.

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Even beyond the bike park's boundaries are some truly exceptional rides, so whether you want to lap the lift or earn your turns, Whistler is everything you've heard about and more.

Silver Star

The connoisseur's riding spot, Silver Star, sits at the northern end of the Okanagan Valley - a popular holiday destination and Canada's best-known wine region (not that it has much competition on that front). The resort is 20 minutes above the town of Vernon, and is home to a bustling little high street, a fast lift, a few bars and....not much else. Silver Star's relatively remote location and its village feel make it a fun place to hang out, and provide a stark contrast to the busyness of Whistler. 

Big views and a peaceful ambiance midway down Silver Star bike park. Photography by: Charlie Boscoe

One thing that Silver Star shares with its more famous BC bike park brother is that the riding is epic, and the area's famously effective trail crew has created some absolute gems. Whether you're looking for cruisy, smooth rides that require little effort and provide big grins, or you want to push yourself to the limit of what is possible on a bike - Silver Star has you covered. 

There are also some fabulous XC rides accessed from the lift system, the most classic of which is Beowulf - one of the 50 International Mountain Bike Association "Epics" from around the world. 

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Ticking a ride that is considered one of the best in the world, plus a load of other lesser-known but equally exciting adventures, and then returning to a fun little village in the evenings—what's not to like?

Sun Peaks

Less than an hour from Kamloops is Sun Peaks, a distinctly Germanic resort home to some of the best riding in the Pacific Northwest. Sun Peaks village is completely different from most North American resorts, and you'll have to pinch yourself that you're on the western side of the Atlantic—think Bavaria instead of BC, and you'll have an idea of the Sun Peaks vibe.

Catching some air at Sun Peaks. Photography by: Charlie Boscoe

Once above the village and on the mountain, there's a whole lot of adventure waiting for you. The lift-accessed trails are really natural-feeling, and there's everything from smooth cruises to brutally steep and technical test pieces. The jump lines are particularly good at Sun Peaks, and the resort is pouring investment into their bike park, so it's likely to only get better!

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Kicking Horse

Just above Golden, in the heart of the Rockies, is Kicking Horse Mountain. In winter, it's a powder paradise, with some of the best list-accessed terrain in North America and the legendary terrain of Rogers Pass close by. In summer, the mountain becomes a mecca for hiking, running, and biking. 

Huge views from close to the top of Kicking Horse bike park. Photography by: Spirea

The Kicking Horse bike park is varied and breathtakingly scenic. The trails wind down through beautiful alpine meadows, with the snow-capped Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. Despite the views and ambiance, it's advised to keep your eyes on the trails because some of them are pretty tricky! Kicking Horse is home to some exceptional flow trails and beginners will find plenty to go at, but experts will also have plenty of options!

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Big White

Known as one of the most family-friendly ski hills in Canada, the folks at Big White have, in recent years, been investing heavily in their bike park, and the results are impressive. The terrain at Big White is rocky, so all but the easiest of trails at the bike park are bumpy rides, but this just makes the riding more fun. There are few points at which you can switch off - Big White demands your attention and repays you with technical riding and huge views across the distant peaks of Granby Provincial Park.

On one of the many technical sections of Big White bike park. Photography by: Charlie Boscoe

Riding all five these bike parks in the space of a few weeks would be a world-class biking adventure, but throw in a few of these pedal-access trails as well, and you've got a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

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