13 Pieces of Strava Art That Made Us... Wow


, by Greg Heil

One of the largest GPS drawings made by bike. Artist: Maxime Brugere

The beauty of art is not defined by one particular medium or style. Rather, beauty is created through unique human creativity and vision, often in ways others cannot imagine (until they see it). When a new medium presents itself, it takes a true visionary to imagine what's possible.

And so it is with Strava art and the visionary artists that call our platform home. While Strava wasn't expressly created to provide a new way for artists to practice their craft, independent thinkers realized that they could use the simple act of tracing a GPS line on a map using the power of their own muscles to create astonishingly complex drawings that take a unique type of effort to create.

Over the years, Strava Art has become an entire movement on the Strava platform, and we've been awed by the complexity and the scale of art that has been created. While it's impossible to round up every single incredible piece of Strava art that we've spotted, here are 13 that made us go... wow.

13 of our favourite pieces of Strava art:

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