Track Your Run PRs on Strava 📈

Product Updates

Want to compete with yourself? Or do you want to bask in a few of your stand out efforts? Look no further than the new Best Efforts section – all your personal records (PRs) in one place. Whether you run on the track, the roads or the trail, you can see (and keep record of) your top three PRs for benchmark running distances from 1 mile to 50 kilometers.

Woah there! Before you speed off to check it out, make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Then you can access the feature by heading to the Progress tab and scrolling to see your top PRs. Or you can head to your profile and scroll down to tap Best Efforts.

There you have it! A go-to location to keep track of those improvements and all-time PRs. Expanded feature capabilities are in the works (stay tuned cyclists 👀). So be on the lookout for future updates.