Set Default Gear by Sport

Product Updates

Woah! We heard your requests loud and clear. Going back to edit your gear for each activity over and over again was becoming way too much! So we've created a new update where you can set default gear by sport.

No more updating to the right boots after a hike, keeping up with training shoes or switching between bikes.This highly requested feature update makes it easier to track your gear accurately so you can keep up with maintenance or know when to replace an item.

For bikes this applies to: Ride, E-bike Ride, Virtual Ride, Handcycle, Velomobile Ride, MTB Ride, Gravel Ride and E-MTB Ride activities. And for shoes it works for: Run, Hike, Walk, Virtual Run and Trail Run activities

To edit, remove and select your default gear on mobile, go to You > Profile > Gear. On the web, head to My Profile > Shoes. Set your go-to gear, and well, you're set!