Your Best Efforts Just Got Better

Product Updates

Last month, the new Best Efforts section was released for runners to keep track of all those personal records – in one place. This month, we're rolling out even more updates to help you continue to lace up and raise the bar.

🏃 More Distances

Now you can track PRs on even more distances, including 400 m, 800 m and 1 km. Plus, you can filter to see your top 10 efforts across every distance.

🗓️ PRs by the Year

Now, you can dive deeper into a distance and how your PRs have progressed and trended over the years. Track your top five annual efforts at each running distance from 400 m to 50 km.

📈 Put it on a Graph

And you can officially see your top five times from each year and a graph of your trend over time. Just tap View PR Analysis.

But, you know we're not done! Behind-the-scenes work is still happening to create more capabilities for Best Efforts (we're looking at you, cyclists 🚲). So stay tuned for more updates!